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Private School Scams | Fee Hike | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

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In our country where education is a basic right and schools are called Vidyamandir, the road to learning has become very twisted. On one side, parents are struggling to put up with the skyrocketing charges while on the other end, the teachers with their meagre salaries are struggling to meet ends.
Big fishes are taking advantage of the loopholes and power to earn huge.
What kind of practices are being followed, how come school owners are earning such huge profits out of non-profit entities, and what are the rights of teachers, students and parents. Are the current government policies doing any good or more harm? Let's discuss.

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Nitish Rajput firmly believes that there are adequate tools available online, and people can be brought together, informed, and educated collectively.
Social media and the Internet have the power to create any narrative but this channel will use the same to curate a healthy, informative narrative that can genuinely benefit people in forming an opinion that is backed by facts and uncompromised information without any bias. Nitish Rajput wants to empower and facilitate people to challenge atrocities and become more vocal about issues plaguing Indian society.
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